Proctect Your Gear

Coverlee – C

The clear version of the Coverlee

Coverlee – V

A vinyl print is applied to a part or across the entire Coverlee

Coverlee – UV

The UV printed version where the design is UV printed directly onto the Coverlee

What is a Coverlee?

A Coverlee is a custom protective cover for you electronic equipment.

Your Coverlee will not only reduce dust and debris from infiltrating your device buttons, but it will virtually eliminate all accidental button presses on your devices.

The first two Coverlee’s have been designed to precisely fit the PK1 ProStreamer AM and AX stands for the ATEM Mini and Mini Extreme families with further models to be released in due course.

Who produces the Coverlee?

Designed and manufactured by INUX3D, the manufacturers of the PK1 and ProStreamer line of products, we have years of experience designing and manuafacturing custom products to complement your existing ProStreamer ATEM purchase.

About the Coverlee?

Your Coverlee will come fully assembled and will be ready to go after removing the protective film used during transit.

Produced in transparent PMMA*, there will also be an option for YOUR logo or graphic to be printed directly on the top surface using the latest scratch resistant UV printing technology or an option to have a computer cut vinyl sticker to cover the entire top surface.

*PMMA is a transparent and rigid plastic, PMMA is often used as a substitute for glass in products such as shatterproof windows, skylights, illuminated signs, and aircraft canopies

Coverlee News.

Coverlee’s for additional devices will be considered based on user feedback. These might include the PK1 v1.1, the PK1 MKII and the PK1 Extreme but also stand alone devices that are not encased by a functional stand.

Additional colours may be become available based on user demand.

Where to buy

Europe, US and UK INUX3D EU

Australia, NZ and Asia INUX3D AU